What I do

Software products increasingly affect everyone’s life. Sometimes software products are directly visible – like in social networking software – but often they are invisible and embedded into hardware products.
Business success of products depends to a large degree on the quality of the underlying software. Yet, many software products are not the way we would like them to be.
I help companies to build the right products and build them right. My focus areas are key elements of the software creation process:

  • software product management
  • requirements engineering
  • tool support for requirements engineering and product management
  • development methodology

When software products get large and complex, efficient and effective tools are needed to support the development process. This is especially true when software products are developed across different sites. Software tools help to manage complexity, drive efficiency and support collaboration. Effective mapping of practices to an adequate tool infrastructure are therefore key success factors.
I provide consulting, coaching and training in all of those areas. My home base is in Germany, but I provide services across the world.

In case you are interested, contact me.